Friday, May 28, 2010

BP Protest info: Whiting, IN - May 31

Peaceful demonstration/protest at the BP Refinery in Whiting, Indiana (about 20 minutes south of downtown Chicago) on Monday, May 31st beginning at 8am.

There is a documentary film maker coming in to join the protest and to do some filming. He is making a documentary on the effects the BP refinery has had on the Great Lakes ecosystem. CNN and local Channel 9 news have been informed and we're hoping we'll see their news cameras there as well.


  1. So we should all *ahem* DRIVE OUR CARS there? : (
    *sigh* I grow so weary of the painful ironies of modern life. Will continue my protest by Not Driving.

  2. Hi there - this is also an Anti-BP event, encouraging a grassroots rising - Sunday June 6 - would love this to go Global! Any assistance with attending and sharing would be welcome. Thank you! Please repost!!/event.php?eid=127342863958012

  3. Where is the chat on the live feed? It was there yesterday. How can we openly discuss what is happening without the chat? It was very helpful. Why was it taken down?