Friday, May 21, 2010

Boycott These BP Brands!

Here is a posting to pass around to others to raise awareness on which brands are operated by the BP brand.

BP brands in the United States

BP brands around the world

BP Station Locator

Castrol Motor Oil & Lubricants

Grocery Stores that offer BP Fuelperks Gas Rebates

If you regularly frequent these gas stations or grocery stores, be sure to stop in, call or write an email and let them know why you will no longer be a patron at these businesses.

Please share any feedback in the comments section and if you are on Twitter, please follow Boycott BP

Thank you


  1. Your links to BP brands don't work

  2. I'll correct my previous - link to US based BP brands is bad. You can find the US info by clicking the "BP brands around the world" link and selecting US.

  3. It works from my computer -- I checked before posting. Not sure why it isn't working for you. Sorry.

  4. Thank you for trying to get us organized.

    Thank you for helping us WAKE UP

    But at the end, we must try to find a way to ultimately boycott this whole extinct form of energy production.

    Is there a way to simultaneously pull BP off oil, and shove BP and all the companies towards solar? I notice BP has a pathetic solar line. And why should it be better if we keep buying gas?

    Obviously everyone is unwilling to stop driving to work and the places we need, really need- to go. We must as a people become unwilling to accept having to destroy ourselves to do so.

    Only boycotting BP- will not work. We tried with Exxon, and oil still pollutes Prince Williams Sound.

    There is no "clean" gasoline anymore.

    This is a good start. But if it does not exapand into widespread disgust of our current energy landscape, we will be a financially, morally, and spiritually ruined nation, from sea to ruined sea.

  5. I would link to this page but I can't abide the contradiction of the boycott BP message while there are ads for BP investment in the margin. It causes me to question the motives behind this page.