Sunday, May 23, 2010

No end in sight ...

Here we are, over a month after the Deepwater Horizon explosion, and oil is still spewing into the Gulf at alarming rates. Just how alarming? - No one knows (or do they?). As I have been researching all of this, looking for links to post on Twitter, I am becoming increasingly frustrated, angered and saddened.

I've been trying to keep the Twitter account free of personal opinions and just make the news easy for you to find and share with others.

I started this blog, not quite sure where I was going with it. If there is anything you would like to see posted here, please feel free to let me know.

I'd be interested to hear how you are feeling about this oil "spill" as time goes by. Do you think the media is doing a good job of covering this story? Have you gotten any flack for wanting to Boycott BP? What do you think about government response? etc...

Please feel free to sound off in the comments...

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  1. The media is doing a lousy job, I am afraid. They are truly downplaying it. Government response, same. No BP in Canada, so nothing to boycott...I feel totally helpless.

  2. I'm ashamed of our government and the media and feel helpless as well. We can have benefits for Haiti but what about the Gulf Coast?

  3. Boycott BP,yes! You have my full support in boycotting BP.

  4. A Boycott BP Facebook page exists:!/pages/Boycott-BP/119101198107726

    Please join it. we need to join forces to promote boycotts and protests. Please encourage your site visitors and Twitter followers to join as well. Thanks


    What did I do and not do in my lifetime, what did
    I participate and not participate in, to create an
    America this mean, this hateful to life on this
    planet? What do I need to do to change it?
    Every day I weep over this-- the animal life
    suffering and dying, the human culture of
    New Orleans under siege. This weekend
    I walked everywhere I could, and rideshared
    when I couldn't. One thing is clear; we need
    a long-term energy solution which is not
    oil, and not nuclear/electric.

    I am so sorry for everything I have done and
    not done, which was my part of allowing this to happen. I have not protested enough. I have not written enough letters. I have accepted lesser evils.
    I have been an arrogant American. I have watched
    MTV and played video games while the whole
    world burned. I hear Malcolm X's voice-- this
    spill is all our entitlement and "screw the world
    we're number one" chickens, coming home
    to roost.

    No blood for oil. No birds for oil. No dolphins
    and kelp and whales for oil. It must end. Please,
    let the better angels of our nature guide us. It
    must end.

  6. Your efforts in this regard are much appreciated. Like others, I too feel helpless. Except for persons in the Gulf area, the general citizenry seems apathetic but this could be just my perception. Or they may be feeling helpless and hopeless as well. Keep up the good work. --- MissHathaway

  7. BP has all the available rescources on the country and they aren't usuing them. They could have easily poured concrete or bombed the bottom of the sea floor to pinch off the leak (Russians did this 5 times and were sucessful 4 to stop a leak). But they want to be able to access the well in the future that is why it's taken so long. Media is doing a fair job in regards to the politics but definitely not the air/water/sediment quality. There are HIGH levels of he Volitle Organic Compounds right now in areas surrounding the spill. But the EPA hasn't posted warnings or changed the color coded status. Someone n new Orleans said he smells it every night but the reports show "green" or non toxic levels while he is still getting sick. A woman in mobile went swimming in the bay and came out with chemical burns and lacerations 2 days later tens of small fish washed up dead in the sale area. Workers of the spill are getting sick already similiar to the valdez crud. People that worked that disaster are STILL sick. Gulf workers dont have respirators why? Because they are expensive to provide and require training. Training they are providing. Volunteers that sign up with BP have to sign a waiver saying that if they
    were to get sick or injured BP wouldn't be reliable for damages (they lose their right to sue or collect any money). They haven't stopped using toxic dispersants because one of their board members is on the board of Corexit. And they defied the EPA by saying thy won't and cant find a different dispersant. So they aren't warnin the residents, following governments orders and they are fixing the leak for their own profits. You tell me what's wright with this picture.

  8. Not whats wright...( was on the iphone) but what's wrong with this picture....too many people are getting sick, wildlife is dying and where the hell is our government....I thought they worked for us. We are the ones that pay their salaries and I feel that they are pretty much saying f**k you gulf coast when all they are doing is having "meetings" and "hearings" ...Roll up your damn sleeves already!!!