Thursday, May 20, 2010

FINALLY. Live feed of oil "spill"..

Exactly 1 month since the initial explosion on the Deepwater Horizon, BP has FINALLY made a live feed of the oil "spill" available for everyone to view. Hours before this feed became available to the public, BP claimed they underestimated the size of the leak.

Here is the live feed that is available --

If traffic at that site is too heavy, try this feed:

CNN Oil Feed

Please help spread the word to Boycott BP!


  1. IF you are going to boycott BP make sure you know that there are many subsidiaries : Amoco and Standard oil are two I know of.

  2. There are links in the upper righthand column with all the BP brands and locations -- AM/PM and Arco are also under the BP umbrella. As is Castrol motor oil.

  3. Why does the top video show a timestamp of 06:50 (currently), even though it's labeled "live feed"?

  4. Many claim that the boycott does nothing. I know that at least it will impact their brand name. And I think that it is fair - These risks should be reassessed because the damages are not only invaluable but also irrecoverable. What just happened is very bad; perhaps if the petroleum industry is aware that people will take action, they will do something else to prevent these catastrophic spills (for example, redesigning their drilling equipment). They make a LOT of money, they have the resources to take action. Our planet is at stake.