Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So disheartening....

43 days....and the solution is nowhere in sight. BP, the Government, and the News Media keep talking about how technologically advanced BP is with their drilling operations. What good does that do if you can't fix what you started? To me, it is the equivalent of needing heart surgery and you go to one of the world's best cardiologists. The doctor performs open heart surgery on you with skilled perfection, but ultimately, they haven't figured out how to sew you back up afterward. It doesn't do a lot of good if you can't complete the task.

I'm also seeing increasing reports on the news stating that boycotting BP stores will only hurt the local owners. Whereas I can understand that to a point, it also makes me mad. There should be more outcry about the fishing and tourism industries losing their livelihoods. People are mad and if BP wasn't so busy contradicting themselves, people may have more sympathy. Unfortunately, the gas stations are what have the companies logos on them, making them the easiest target. I have become more aware of my usage of petroleum, and have been trying to cut down my consumption and will continue to pass information along to others.

I didn't start this Boycott BP twitter account until 11 days after the explosion on Deepwater Horizon. From the beginning, BP was busy telling the media that they had it under control. Not knowing what I know now, I chose to believe them. Had they taken responsibility from the get-go, I probably wouldn't be sitting here with this blog and Twitter page.

Please continue to send me feedback of anything you would like to see posted here, and also send along any protest info you may have so I can post it here and on Twitter. As the Twitter page grows, it is getting more difficult to sift through the @replies. Please feel free to send any info or feedback to:

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  1. Please don't back off or ever apologize for your boycott. BP needs to be boycotted. But even more than that, the petroleum industry must be boycotted. Because, what will happen with the BP boycott is they will simply sell their refined product to other companies. The very best thing we can all do is start thinking different RIGHT. NOW. about how we live our petroleum dependent lives. You have given excellent info. here on products to avoid and products to embrace. There are SO MANY alternatives to petroleum for things like laundry detergent, makeup, and on and on. Start seriously using cloth or canvas grocery bags. Walk more. Bike more. Carpool. All the things we've always known we SHOULD do, now we MUST if we say we care about the Gulf, the United States, and this planet we live on. Again, thank you. BOYCOTT BP! BOYCOTT PETROLEUM! HUZZAH!!!

  2. One thing I have heard no one investigating and no one talking about is, I would REALLY LIKE TO KNOW if BP had taken out LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES on the rig workers. Someone seriously needs to find this out.


    The person that heads up this blog: First and foremost thank you for your hard work and spreading the word about the boycott. Also, I was wondering if you could watch the youtube video and post it on this blog. I truly hope that you do.

  4. Before you boycott a BP station, do some homework. If you boycott an independently owned BP station, BP will feel it very little...but the owner and those employees likely live in your community and may be out of a job.

    I suggest watching out for any type of government action, such as a BP Bailout as proposed by Senator Dick Durbin (Dem.). Wouldn't it be a shame if the US Gov sued BP, then bailed them out? Regardless of their party, take note of any official who recieves money from big oil. Hold them accountable.

  5. The way British system and companies work is the way Bp works like a parasite.

    It is a little-known slice of history that in the countdown to the Anglo-American coup in Tehran against Mohammed Mosaddeq in 1953, the US Central Intelligence Agency lost nerve just as the Tehran street protests - eerily similar to the recent unrest - were about to be staged, but the British intelligence outpost in Cyprus which coordinated the entire operation held firm, forced the pace and ultimately created a fait accompli for Washington.

  6. it was the British who led the way in Afghanistan,with operatives like Lords Avebury and Bethell using Radio Free Kabul to enlist mujahadeen.

    The "arc of crisis" Central Asian strategy is often credited to Brzezinski but really came out of London via Bernard Lewis of the Mackinder school of international geo-politics (RIIA).

    Far too many people see Britain as the junior partner or poodle.In fact in the special relationship the shots are called from London.

    People are not generally aware of this because the London-based system of usury-sorry international finance,which was the real reason behind most of the revolutions and wars of the last century uses a supine media and a set of what Ezra Pound called "court historians" to obscure the facts.

    One writer who was aware of this was the aforementioned Pound.

    Check out for Michael Collins Piper assessment of Pound's work if you can overcome the Frankfurt syndrome that screens out all reference to the fact that WW2 was primarily all about preserving what Pound referred to as the "usurocracy".

    Aside from his scathing attacks on the banksters he is also relevant today for his broadsides against the media system that prevented ordinary people knowing what was really going on.

    Pound was no lover of censors and gate-keepers!

    the British army invaded China specifically so that David Sassoon could flood China with opium. They were called the Opium Wars I seem to recall.

  7. please check out this site aswell.